About Noah

Noah Healthcare is the first private clinic in China thatfocuses on women and children's health. We bring together a large number of top specialists in the fields of Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN) and General Practice. In order to provide world-class medical services to our patients, we have hired leading doctors fromChinese Healthcare system to work alongside talented foreign doctors with experience abroad and within China. We also have the first professional ultrasound center in Guangdong Province.

Mission: Protect the health of women and children.

Core-value: Allow doctors to work more with dignity ,let patients get better service .

Vision:Be the most professional private medical clinic of women and children in China.

After returning from his studies in Canada and the UK, the founder of Noah Healthcare realized that the current state of medical care in China was lagging far behind Western countries. He has devoted himselfto promoting medical progress in China by working to improve medical ethics and to ensure that the patient’s wellbeing is the top priority of medical care. Noah Healthcare was established in pursuit of this goal. The company name ‘NOAH’ was inspired by the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, which tells of a path to salvation and hope in the face of great adversity.

The company name ‘NOAH’ was inspired by the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, which tells of a path to salvation and hope in the face of great adversity.

Service concept

Top 5 medical concepts

  • Non-excessive treatment

    Noah Healthcare will provide different treatments to patients according to their condition. We will strive for efficiency and effectiveness and use only the necessary tests or medication (especially antibiotics).

  • Efficient and effective

    Noah Healthcare will ensure a simple and efficient appointment, diagnosis and treatment process. We will provide one-on-one patient care, a professional staff, and thorough procedures to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment. We will also create a children’s play area to help children feel more relaxed and comfortable in our clinic.

  • Careful diagnosis

    At Noah Healthcare our doctors will take time to talk to our patients so that we can better understand each patient’s relevant medical history, symptoms, and accurately diagnose their condition. We will educate the patient about their health and any health issues or treatments to promote wellness and avoid misunderstanding.

  • Respect our patient’s privacy

    Noah Healthcare will respect patient’s privacy and any communication with our physicians will be confidential.

  • Health management

    Noah Healthcare will maintain personal health records for each patient in order to provide more holistic healthcare services.

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